Betty, Chef, Stella XL, Reed, Leaf XL+, Mixxx, Bababin, Briq, Eve, Hokkaido, Anemone, Cherry, Thekla, Heidi, Kiwi, Josephine, Amoebe, KANT pizza cutter + grater + peeler + cheese knife

The FORM# Design Prize has been awarded by the Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk e.V. since the 1970s. The winner is chosen by a jury from among the exhibitors at the Tendence consumer-goods trade fair in Frankfurt. The award-winning products stand out due to their innovative design, product-specific choice of materials and workmanship, functionality in the case of utilitarian objects, and also a strong overall concept. In recent years, much attention has also been paid to products that are made in a sustainable manner and using recyclable materials. All the winning products are presented in the “FORM – Form aus Handwerk und Industrie” special exhibition at the Tendence international trade fair in Frankfurt.

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