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      1. The koziolization of your ideas is managed by our inhouse Werksdesign team. Your own communication aims and brand  image are incorporated into the hallmark koziol design. This helps us to produce unique promotional items invested with emotion and joie de vivre.
      2. Three-dimensional models of the designs are then produced - either by hand or using state-of-the-art rapid prototyping technologies. The product's shape and functional operation are then reviewed and revised until every last detail is perfect. In many cases, at least 10,000 units for each custom design are needed to be economic. The fixed costs for developing the design per customized product are usually about EUR 3,000, depending on the amount of work involved.
      3. With the final shape and design established, the injection molding tools are built in our construction department. During this phase, the designers and engineers need to cooperate very closely. With departments at our headquarters just a stone's throw apart, that's no problem! Please note that the EUR 3,000 charged for developing the design cannot be offset against the mold costs incurred.
      4. During toolmaking, the steel molds for the products are produced. High-speed CAD machines drill and mill the modules, whichare then assembled to create the production tools.  86 years of knowledge and experience of this complex and precise process keep us in good stead during this phase.
      5. All Products are manufactured in our own injection molding plant, bringing a range of benefits. This both speeds manufacturing and offers additional flexibility. It also enables us to monitor production efficiently: compliance with specifications and the accuracy of the final colors can be checked on site, and immediate adjustments made where required.
      6. In the final step, we customize the product with your logo or claim. On request, our graphics  department will be pleased to design eye-catching packaging tailored to your communication aims.


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