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Bowl Set

An elegant enhancement to fine flavors. The modular bowl set TANGRAM is the perfect fit for modern, urban lifestyles, investing sophisticated tastes with a hint of luxurious nonchalance. The geometric tableware allows tapas, fingerfood and sushi to be presented and served in eyecatching style. The individual dishes can be playfully arranged and rearranged in numerous attractive constellations. The bowls are also available individually, allowing the set to be extended and customized as desired.

Design: Jungmann/Radetz, Frankfurt

Design award:

Dimensions: L: 303 mm, B: 303 mm, H: 32 mm
Item number: 3480332

  • Printable area ca. 60x25 mm (Tangram 1); ca. 75x25 mm (Tangram 2); ca. 90x25 mm (Tangram 3); ca. 60x25 mm (Tangram 4)
  • Personalized stickers runs of 250 upwards; Price on request
  • Print area indication
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