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crystal cleartransparent greytransparent aquamarinetransparent jadetransparent rose quartz


Glass 250ml

This elegant goblet simply belongs in every summer setting as a constant companion at all outdoor festivities. Why? Well, looks aren’t everything and this cup runneth over with practical features, too! It’s lightweight, impact-resistant – and easy to transport because it’s made to be stackable. Combining a fascinating beveled look with a fun feel and lots of cheerful colors, CLUB S adds a touch of class to any picnic and a cool, lighthearted note to warm summer evenings enjoyed outdoors.

Design: koziol werksdesign

Dimensions: L: 84 mm, B: 84 mm, H: 120 mm
Item number: 3577535

Incentives Catalog 2019


Mrs. Deirdre Heckler

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