»CLUB L *3578535
crystal cleartransparent greytransparent aquamarinetransparent jadetransparent rose quartz


Glass 400ml

Water, long drinks, juices, lemonade... this tumbler can do everything! Meaning that this multitasker is destined for greatness both indoors and out – and for a reputation as a glass for all seasons! The fascinating beveled finish adds a sparkle to any table, and the organic structure of the surface makes it ideal for children’s grasping hands. And even if it falls – it won’t break! Considering all these merits, you can never really have enough of these CLUB L gems. Good thing they're eminently stackable!

Design: koziol werksdesign

Dimensions: L: 88 mm, B: 88 mm, H: 141 mm
Item number: 3578535

Incentives Catalog 2019


Mrs. Deirdre Heckler

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