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Salt & Pepper Shaker

London-based designer Cairn Young has been fascinated with the Japanese art of wood joinery for years, developing a true obsession to nest, connect, assemble, and piece things together in an aesthetic and intelligent way himself. It is a game of geometry, symmetry and humor – always ending in awe-inspiring design. His latest inspiration was the egg – arguably the most perfect shape in the world. The mysterious object, just like a regular egg, reveals its true self only after opening. Simply lift the top half, and you have a functional and decorative salt and pepper shaker: Stable, easy to refill and undeniably unique.

Design: Cairn Young, London

Dimensions: L: 60 mm, B: 60 mm, H: 80 mm
Item number: 3112319

  • Printable area ca. 15x15 mm (Oberteil) oder ca. 12x12 mm (Unterteil)
  • Print runs from 100 upwards, ind. Inlay from 250 pcs
  • Print area indication
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