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Stirring Spoon

Designed for great, stirring moments in the kitchen: the KANT spoon is always in its element and built to withstand the heat of the moment up to 220°C (425°F). Despite its robust material, it is very gentle on scratch-prone surfaces and nonstick coatings. Whether sauces, soups or cake batters are being taken to task, the handy hole in the center speeds up and perfects the mixing process. The pointed end gets into every nook and cranny to prevent sticking. And the polygonal surface texture lends the KANT spoon that extra touch.

Design: koziol werksdesign

Dimensions: L: 17 mm, B: 56 mm, H: 319 mm
Item number: 3223526

Incentives Catalog 2019


Mrs. Deirdre Heckler

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