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Insulated Cup w. lid 400ml

Coffee lovers everywhere, rejoice! AROMA TO GO 2.0 sits comfortably in the hand and makes a stylish statement, promoting smiles all around. The insulated cup keeps hot drinks inside at the perfect temperature while protecting fingers outside from scalding. Thanks to its flexible fins, the lid fits snugly on the cup, making it the ultimate convenience for out and about too. The ideal way to make servers at your friendly neighborhood café more than happy to fill-er-up. AROMA TO GO 2.0 is made out of the new koziol Organic Material based on cellulose: environmentally friendly, food-safe, 100% recyclable, and absolutely non-toxic, without formaldehyde or BPA. Not only that, it is also extremely long-living, robust and of course dishwasher-safe. Made in Germany allows for an active reduction of CO² due to short transport routes and the use of green energy.

Design: koziol werksdesign

Dimensions: L: 97 mm, B: 92 mm, H: 120 mm
Item number: 3589668

  • Printable area 2c auf Ring ca. 43x20 mm, unterer Rand ca. 30x10 mm. 4c auf Ring ca. 40x20 mm, unterer Rand ca. 25x10 mm
  • Print runs from 100 upwards
  • Print area indication

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