tr. crystal clear/eucalyptus/rose quartz


Gift Set

Triple your vitamins and triple your fun – with an attractive set! EMMA P. makes peeling oranges a breeze! The little blade slices smoothly through the peel, keeping the fruit intact and fingers clean. If your citrus of choice is grapefruit, the PINK spoon will easily separate the segments into bite-sized pieces with its serrated edge. And then there’s KIWI, a tool that transcends simple spoon-hood, doubling as a knife to open fruit of the same name. Just run its beak around the circumference, twist the halves in opposite directions – and dig in!

Design: Seventh Sense / koziol werksdesign

Dimensions: L: 17 mm, B: 125 mm, H: 200 mm
Item number: 3734374

  • Printable area ca. 15x15 mm (Emma P.), 4c; ca. 10x5 mm (Kiwi), 2c; ca. 24x6 mm (Kiwi), 2c; ca. 17x6 mm (Pink), 3c
  • Print runs of 100 upwards
  • Print area indication
Incentives Catalog 2019


Mrs. Deirdre Heckler

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