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Cappuccino Cup 100ml

Italian designer Matteo Thun has revolutionized the rite of the quickie espresso by simply removing the cup's handle. If things went his way, from now on coffee would be sipped to a different rhythm. "AROMA presents a challenge to depart from the Italians' hectic three-second gulp and rediscover the meditative character of drinking coffee and tea with both hands."
The cup is available in four sizes: espresso, cappuccino, café au lait and XXL. The largest size also doubles as a bowl for dips, sauces, muesli, snacks, antipasti or soup.
Pure design packaged in a perfect mix of materials.

Design: Studio Thun, Milano

Dimensions: L: 85 mm, B: 85 mm, H: 65 mm
Item number: 3561342
© 1999

  • Printable area ca. 30x15 mm
  • Printing of cup ring available in quantities of 250 upwards
  • Print area indication
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