Conditions of use

I hereby consent to koziol's conditions of use for the service made available on this website.

General conditions of use of the B2B shop.

koziol »ideas for friends GmbH, Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 90, D - 64711 Erbach ("koziol"), is the operator of this website.

You may use the B2B area and all press and marketing information made available therein for downloading as well as documents with text and picture material ("materials") after successfully registering and the granting of consent requested in that respect subject to the preconditions and limitations of the following conditions of use.

  1. Registration
    Your details as part of the registration must be complete and truthful. You assure as part of your registration to use this press/marketing server and the materials exclusively for your journalistic or editorial activity, agency activity or other koziol-related PR work ("Specified intended use").

    "koziol" reserves the right at its own discretion to reject registrations and exclude registered users. You undertake to maintain secrecy regarding the access data made available to you and to inform "koziol" without delay in the event that they are lost.

  2. Rights to downloadable content; scope of use
    The B2B area and the materials available there are subject to protection, in particular by copyright, identification rights, sample rights, personality rights and competition rights.

    You may use the material as part of a basic utilisation right solely for the specified intended use regarding the respective product to which the respective materials refer. Processing, amending or alienating the materials is not permitted. The conditions of use are granted on a revocable basis. All utilisation rights to the materials shall expire if you receive a corresponding declaration of revocation on the part of koziol.

    Any duplication and/or forwarding of the materials to third parties are not permitted insofar as this is not absolutely necessary as part of the specified intended use. You undertake to refrain from any use of the materials in a context that is racist, pornographic, objectionable or unlawful or which glorifies violence.

  3. Liability
    The producers of the materials or "koziol" are solely responsible for the materials and the content therein. Apart from cases of intent and gross negligence, "koziol" therefore does not accept any liability for the materials and content therein. This applies, in particular, to liability for these not violating third party rights or competition law or other statutory requirements.

    "koziol" does not accept any liability for the good working order of the website or the availability of the materials. "koziol" shall, in particular, not be liable insofar for indirect damage such as the loss of expected profits.

  4. Other conditions
    "koziol" reserves the right to amend these conditions of use. Registered users shall be given at least six weeks' advance notice by e-mail of changes to these conditions of use. Such changes shall be deemed accepted by the user if the user does not object to such changes within six weeks following receipt of the announcement. Sending an objection within the stated period shall be deemed sufficient. Objections can be directed by post or e-mail to the addresses stated in the publication details. In the e-mail providing notification of the changes, Koziol undertakes to separately draw to the user's attention the significance of the six-week period and the stated legal consequence of silence in that respect. The stated legal consequence shall only occur if the notice has actually been issued. Koziol reserves the right to properly terminate the contract by way of 2 weeks' notice in the event that the user objects to the changes.

In the event that individual regulations of these conditions of use are or become invalid, or should they prove to contain an omission, the parties shall replace such a regulation with a valid regulation that best reflects the intended regulation to the greatest extent possible. This does not affect the validity of the other provisions.

These conditions of use are based on the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Darmstadt is deemed the place of jurisdiction where permissible.

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