A brush is a brush is a brush. But not if it’s from koziol; then it’s art. Not the kind of art that collects dust in a corner or stands around in a museum. koziol art is hands-on art that will always lend a helping hand. It will clean your veggies, serve up your salad and light up your home. Since the very beginning at koziol, we’ve designed things we like, things that make our lives easier and happier. Every single product is visible, palpable proof of the high art and dedication to detail that we put into everything we create – with a passion. This is true art. This is ART AT WORK.

Stephan Koziol

  Great products are produced by people with minds of their own. The mind behind koziol goes by the first name of Stephan and his company goes by his last name. Stephan is an artist. He has mastered the art of fostering divinely crazy products from the strong and enterprising roots of his family tree, and bringing them to flower. He also commands the skill of culling added value and a powerful market performance from environmentally clean products sold at responsible prices. Stephan is actually a sculptor. And his oeuvre has global reach.


  Satisfied people are productive people. Those who are happy, stay. And stay happy. Some people at koziol have been staying put for 50 years. We have a heart for them all: agricultural mechanics, designers, electricians, engineers, goldsmiths, graphic artists, hairstylists, interior decorators, ivory carvers, MBA’s, media designers, nutritionists, office staff, precision mechanics, process engineers, retailers, salespeople, seamstresses, ships’ captains, systems analysts, tailors and toolmakers. Their power infuses and drives the brand. Makes it strong and resilient. And gives it the ability to survive and withstand cheap imitations.



  We collaborate with the best designers and colleges in the world. Together with our in-house Werksdesign team, these talents create icons of our modern age. Like »AROMA by Matteo Thun. Or the »TASCHE bag by star architect Alessandro Mendini. Creativity networked with skill, knowledge and high tech under a single roof to produce unique classics. Products that win top design awards. Many have tried to copy koziol’s inimitable design quality. Fortunately, people value authenticity and creativity. Indeed, the original original.

Made in Germany

  At koziol, even the cooling water comes from our own natural spring. From the initial idea to the packaged product, we are a one-stop manufacturing shop. Modeling, development, construction, mold-making, production, shipping, marketing. Forget the Far East. You can find it all at Erbach in the Odenwald forest. All within walking distance, in the heart of Germany. That's our home, and it's one that is ecologically, economically and above all socially sustainable. An emotional home. A home away from home. Appreciated by people. By the environment.

Global successes

  We invented the Dream Globe. We transformed dishwashing brushes and clothespins into cults. We have brought creative designs to millions of homes. More than 3,000 specialty dealers and retailers in 50 countries trust in the power of the original. From Singapore to Stuttgart, from New Zealand to Peru: our partners are riding our wave of sustainable success. We inspire people worldwide with 100% recyclable collections made exclusively of thermoplastics.



  Our products are energy reserves – packaged in great design. They unleash emotional energy. After all, we create friendship, love, happiness and humor. And we only use state-of-the-art technologies to make our groundbreaking products. No thermosetting plastics. No BPA. No softeners. All of our production waste is recycled. And it’s all but impossible to match our awareness of the importance of conservation. We also comply in full with stringent German requirements concerning waste disposal and industrial safety. That makes things hard for our number crunchers. But better for our partners around the world.

Social engagement

  No man is an island in today's world. That's why we energetically support the communities and region where we live and work. For over 10 years, we have been funding a grant at the Odenwald Music Academy, enabling talented students to live and learn for a whole academic year. We're also active in the fields of art and arts sponsorship, and support club activities and projects in schools and kindergartens. The company's own Glückshort center in Michelstadt is open to children from 3 to 13, and offers supervision, lunch, help with schoolwork and arts and crafts courses at family friendly prices.



  Every day, thousands of people experience how to keep employees, partners and customers happy – at koziol’s fully transparent brandland, the Glücksfabrik. Here you can see for yourself how short transport routes, top quality material and sustainable production methods lead to lasting happiness. This is also where you’ll find the koziol museum. It conveys how we work, and keeps winning us more and more fans and friends.

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