• qed* Design, Aschaffenburg

    qed* Design, Aschaffenburg

    In 2008, Michael Neubauer established his qed* Design studio in the German town of Aschaffenburg. The name *qed stands for *quite easily done and a philosophy of questioning conventional thinking and creating products that make our lives more inspiring, exciting and enjoyable.        

  • Pastorino & Suarez / koziol werksdesign

    Pastorino & Suarez / koziol werksdesign

    Julian Pastorino and Cecilia Suarez are joined in both love and their profession, and have been collaborating in a shared studio in Milan since 2001. Both designers hail from Argentina, where they studied Industrial Design at the University of Buenos Aires. Pastorino and Suarez' work is interdisciplinary, spanning the areas of interior architecture along with product, furniture and lighting design.        

  • René Barba, Paris

    René Barba, Paris

    René Barba is an American designer who has lived and worked in France since 1990. In his designs, Barba experiments with a wide range of materials. Several of his pieces are on display at the Musé des Arts décoratifs. He has also worked as an interior decorator for Jack Henry in Paris and for Calvin Klein.        

  • Robin Platt, London

    Robin Platt, London

    Robin Platt studied Furniture Design at the London College of Furniture before opening his own studio with the architect Cairn Young in the London borough of Kensington. The two have been collaborating since 1991, although they each have their own projects as well. Their clients include companies such as Driade, Magis, Rosenthal, Baccarat and Artquitect. Platt is fascinated by organic shapes and curved, delightfully delicate lines; these he adopts to create his own inimitable style. The world of nature is a rich source of inspiration, with its infinite universe of shapes that are all variations of a few basic elements.        

  • Rodolfo Agrella, Caracas


  • Rodolfo Agrella

    Rodolfo Agrella

    Rodolfo Agrella hails originally from Venezuela. After completing his first college degree, he headed to Milan in 2007 where he added the final touches to his education at the city's famous "Politecnico." He creates products with unique characters, outstanding practical functions and strong sensory appeal. These live and breathe the awe-inspiring natural world of Agrella's homeland – with organic silhouettes, curves and structures deriving from the luxuriant vegetation of tropic climes.        

  • Selma Serman, Berlin

    Selma Serman, Berlin

    Selma Serman was born in 1977 in Heidelberg. She completed a 3-year apprenticeship as a carpenter in Lübeck, before studying Product Design at the Berlin University of Art from 2000 to 2005. She has been working as a freelance designer in Berlin since 2006, designing products and custom built-in furniture units.        

  • Serge Atallah & Meyer Design


  • Serge Atallah, Paris

    Serge Atallah, Paris

    The french architect Serge Atallah opened his agency ase product 1997 in Paris. His work ranges from planning architectural projects to object design to product design. His creations are characterized by a high functionality and an intelligent humor.       

  • Seventh Sense, Milano

    Seventh Sense, Milano

    Silvina Iglesias is part of Seventh Sense, a studio established by designers born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied industrial design at her home city's university, before moving to Milan in 1999 where she and her compatriots founded Seventh Sense. The majority of her designs have been for tabletop items, consumer goods and sports articles.        

  • Studio Dreimann

    Studio Dreimann

    Founded by Jonas Ette, Simon Kux and Tim Prigge in 2010, studio dreimann is an industrial design agency based in Hanover, Germany. Its multidisciplinary work is keyed to developing industrial and consumer goods as well as furniture and lighting for national and international companies. The team always sets out to add features that make its innovative, highly functional products special in some way. The studio's work has garnered prizes such as the Good Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award.       

  • Studio Thun, Milano

    Studio Thun, Milano

    Matteo Thun was born in Bozen, Italy, in 1952 and studied at Salzburg Academy under Oskar Kokoschka. In 1975 he completed a degree in architecture in Florence, and began cooperating with Ettore Sottsass in Milan three years later. Thun is a founding member of the legendary Memphis Group that was so instrumental in shaping the design of the 1980s. In 1984 he established the architecture and design firm Studio Matteo Thun in Milan.       

  • thesevenhints, Wien

    thesevenhints, Wien

    Born in Hanover in 1964, Wolfgang Hints studied industrial design in Essen and Florence. He settled in Vienna in 1990, where he initially freelanced for various design studios while lecturing at the Vienna Academy for Visual Arts. He was subsequently appointed assistant professor at the city's University of Applied Arts, where he worked alongside Matteo Thun, Paolo Piva and Enzo Mari. In 1996 Wolfgang Hints launched his own design studio called "thesevenhints."       

  • Tino Valentinitsch, Wien

    Tino Valentinitsch, Wien

    While still studying Industrial Design at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Tino Valentinitsch was already working for the co-founder of Memphis Aldo Cibic in Milan and producing his first designs for koziol. He is currently working in the luxury product & brand design segment where he is designing brands, furniture, interiors, exhibitions, consumer goods and packaging. Tino Valentinitsch divides his time between Vienna and New York.       

  • Vega Design, Darmstadt

    Vega Design, Darmstadt

    Born in Darmstadt in 1965, Jan Hansen studied product design at the Academy of Design in Offenbach. In 1993 he became a partner at the agency Studio Orange Design in Darmstadt and in 2000 he established his own product design company, Vega Design.        

  • Yaroslav Rassadin, Moscow

    Yaroslav Rassadin, Moscow

    Yar Rassadin is a Russian designer, who in 2001 graduated from the Technical University of Simbirsk, specializing in automotive engineering and Simbirsk school of traditional art with cabinetmaker specialty. After graduating, he continued on to work at two separate design studios in Moscow, SmirnovDesignGroup and Designworks, as industrial designer, CAD modeller and 3D visualizer. He joined up with an architect by the name of Sergey Mozheyko and established Manworkdesign Bureau, which has since gone on the win a Red Dot Design Concept Award. These days, his time is mostly spent working on his own projects for his own company.       




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